Key Contributions

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Enviromental challenges


Wind & Airborne Contaminants


Strong winds during coating application can cause problems such as overspray, dust, or debris settling onto the wet coating surface, compromising its quality and appearance. Wind can also lead to improper film build-up or uneven coating thickness.


With Krigsmann’s low pressure (1-9 PSI). Users are able to paint from a short distance, down to 5 cm in range. This allows for higher transfer efficiency and limits any potential dust or debris that might interfere with the painting process.


Rain & Moisture


Coating application should be avoided during rainy or high-moisture conditions, as water can interfere with the coating's ability to adhere properly to the surface. Moisture can lead to poor adhesion, blistering, or delamination of the coating. Additionally, rain or moisture can cause surface contamination, affecting the coating's performance and aesthetics.


Our gun is designed to produce dry and warm air at a constant rate through the aircaps. This allows users to get rid of as much moisture as possible from the surface area to the point it’ll be ready to paint.